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Full and Partial Dentures

Whether you need one or all teeth replaced, we offer a range of denture options to best suit your needs.

Reline and Rebase

If you notice your denture no longer fits well, it may be time to get it relined. A reline replaces the inside surface of the denture providing a more secure comfortable fit.


We provide individual custom fitted mouth-guards to help protect you from injury during sporting activities. Discounts are available for family groups and clubs.

Repairs and Additions

If you need fast repair service we can help, because we have our own laboratory we can provide same day repairs in most cases.

If you need teeth added to your denture we are here to help.

Gum tinting and characterization

Gum tinting is a technical process that makes your denture appear more natural, this is done by adding colors and character to the denture base.

Characterization on teeth allows your partial denture to blend in with your natural remaining teeth and giving you denture privacy.

We believe natural looking teeth gives our patient dignity and maintains their natural features, using the latest technology we can individualize your dentures to achieve natural looking dentures.

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